Da Buddha Vaporizers Warranty

Da Buddha Vaporizer Warranty Coverage

Manufacturer: 7th Floor, LLC
Country of origin: USA
MAP Price: $189.99 (If you purchased your unit lower than this price, manufacturer will not provide warranty)
Manufacturer's Warranty Period:  3 years.
Warranty Notes: 3 years electrical parts. Glass parts are not covered.
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Full Warranty Disclosure Of Manufacturer: 

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. It also does not cover malicious intent such as: driving a car over the unit or dropping the SSV from any significant height. 7th Floor provides a FREE 3 year warranty on all electrical parts, and a 30 day warranty for all glass on the SSV unit*. If anything happens within the warranty period, you can send it in to 7th Floor and we will resolve the issue**. Silver Surfer® Vaporizers purchased from Ebay that are not sold under the 7thFloorSales account are not covered by warranty in any way, shape or form. Also, vaporizers purchased from the following are NOT covered by our warranty. We strongly advise against purchasing the Silver Surfer® vaporizer from these sellers: -amazon.com -overstock.com -cheapvape.com -dabuddhavaporizer.net (despite the name, this is NOT a 7th Floor, LLC site) Sending Your Unit in for Repair What is required for repair work? Shipping costs for repairs must be prepaid before sending in your unit. You must call or email customer service. Once payment is made for shipping, we will email you a return shipping label that is required for sending a unit in for repair. Packages that do not have one of these shipping labels will be refused. When sending your SSV unit in for repair you will need to do the following: -Remove the glass heater cover and knob. (This is done by gently twisting and pulling straight up) -Clean the unit of all residue (if it is not cleaned there will be an additional $10 charge) -Include: a note explaining the issue you are experiencing, your return name and address, and email address for confirmation of receipt. Do not send any glass accessories with the unit, these will not be returned to you and you will be responsible for replacing them. *This refers to the heater cover and knob only **7th Floor inspects all custom glass before shipping it to our customers, we understand that things can get broken in shipment, as long as we are contacted immediately after the damaged product is received we will solve any issues that arise to the best of our ability.