- Which vaporizer brands are covered?

We cover most major vaporizer brands. You can see the list of vaporizer brands on the left side menu of this website. If you do not see your brand listed here, please contact us as we add new brands to our system on a daily basis and we may be able to cover you.

- I bought a vaporizer online. How can i determine if I have manufacturer's warranty?

If you bought a vaporizer online, under MAP value of that particular brand, you are most likely not covered with manufacturer's warranty. Most buyers of eBay, Amazon, Buy.com, Overstock or Half.com will not be covered under manufacturer's warranty. You can learn about this by visiting manufacturer's website for your product. For MAP values, also visit the manufacturer's website.

- I purchased a vaporizer. How can I get coverage from VapeWarranty?

There are two ways of getting coverage. If you are a customer of one of our registered sellers, they will provide you a QR code. You need to register your product with our website, entering your code into the registration form. You will automatically receive coverage for your product. The duration of your coverage depends on the type of account that your seller is holding with us. You can learn details of the duration of your coverage from your seller. You have the option to purchase additional coverage directly from us, on top of your existing coverage through your seller. We offer very competitive prices. The other way of obtaining coverage (if your seller does not have an established account with us) is purchasing one of our Buyer packages.

- I am a seller. Who covers the product cost of replacement items?

VapeWarranty.com covers all product costs. Neither buyers nor sellers pay for the products of replacement.

- I have coverage through your service and my vaporizer is having issues, what is the first step?

First step for you to is to contact us through warranty claim form. Once we receive your warranty claim, you will receive an RMA# with return instructions. You will need to send your defective unit to us based on the instructions provided. Upon receipt, we will process your return and ship you a new unit. You will receive automated communication when your return is received, processed and tracking number for your replacement item when it is shipped. 

- How long does it take for returns to be processed?

We typically process each return and ship out the replacement units within 3-5 business days. The processing time may be longer if your specific unit's manufacturer is experiencing inventory problems or units are not available for distribution. In that case, we will notify you about the possible delay in processing your replacement and provide you with an expected ship date for your replacement.

- I am a seller and signed up for one of the Seller Packages. What is the process for covering my buyers?

Once you sign up for one of the Seller Packages, you will be given a QR code that is unique to your account. You need to communicate this code and direct your buyers to our website to register their products. They will be automatically covered as soon as they register their product. They will be able to claim their warranty, anytime within the period of their coverage, based on the Seller Package you signed up for.

- I am a seller. If one of my customers have an issue with their vaporizer, who do they contact first? Me or you?

Your buyers contact us with your seller QR code. We will handle their vaporizer problem. They will receive customer service directly from us. This is one of the benefits of using our services as a seller.

- As a seller or a buyer, is there a contract/commitment for the service?

There is no contract. You can end your relationship with our service at anytime. If you are a buyer and if you purchased a warranty plan or if you are covered through your seller, your coverage remains active until its term ends. If you are a seller and if your buyers have existing coverage through your subscription, their coverage will remain active until their term ends, even though you cancelled your account with us.

- I am a seller. Do I need to provide inventory for replacements?

No. You do not need to provide inventory to us. We handle all replacements for you.

- I am a buyer. I do not like the performance of my vaporizer. Can i get a different model or brand instead?

No. Our service only handles units that have issues/problems defined in the manufacturer's warranty. We do not provide credit, different brand replacement or sales of any kind. If your vaporizer is broken, you will receive a replacement of the same brand.

- I am a buyer. When I claim warranty, who is responsible for return shipping costs?

As a buyer, you are responsible for the shipping costs of your return and for your replacement. Our service covers the cost of the new product.

- I am a seller. What other fees are associated with your service, other than the monthly Seller Package fee that I pay?

Nothing. There are no other fees associated with our service. As a seller, you are responsible for your monthly Seller Package subscription fee.

- I am a buyer. What if my seller cancels their subscription with your service. Am i still going to be covered?

When a seller cancels/closes their account, their QR code becomes inactive. If you registered your product BEFORE this happens, you will still have coverage until your term ends. After this period, you can purchase your own coverage. 

- I am a buyer. My vaporizer does not work. I want a refund. Do I contact you?

No. We do not deal with refunds or refund requests. We only provide warranty and replacements for your unit. If you want a refund, you need to contact your seller.

- I am a buyer. My unit was dead on arrival. Who do i contact? Seller or you?

You need to contact us and we will take care of the unit as far as your seller has an active account with us.